Transition Goals Funding Program

At Fiori, we recognize that everyone’s transition looks different — however one thing that many of them have in common is that they tend to be expensive. Surgeries, HRT, doctor consultations and other expenses can all add up, putting them out of reach of many. While not everyone needs or wants all of the above services, for some, it’s the only way they can be their true self.

To do our part to support the trans community, once we reach the 15,000 trans user milestone, we will sponsor 5 trans users on our platform. Each sponsored user will receive $5,000 from Fiori, which they can spend at their convenience toward their personal transition goals.

Every 15,000 user milestone we pass, we’ll sponsor 5 to 15 more users.

We know it isn’t much, but it’s important that our users know we’ve got their back. This isn’t our app — it’s yours.

Apply for the Transition Goals Funding Program below. We expect to fund the first 5 applicants by the summer of 2020.

Program Requirements


Follow us on Instagram


Become an active user of the

Fiori App

Complete our

enrollment form

When applying, please make sure that:

  • When signing up for the Fiori app, provide us with your email address, which should be the same email address you used in the enrollment form.

  • You follow us on social media so you don’t miss Transition Goals Funding Program updates and winner announcements.

Enrollment Form

After completing this form and the other program requirements, you will be officially enrolled in the program for your chance to win transition funding. When we reach 15,000 downloads from trans users, you will receive an email notification announcing the five selected winners. Good luck!

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